Erect Penis Action: Sex in Water

An arrect penis can rear its assertive arch any time and any place, as every man knows. A penis that ancestor up frequently is an indicator of acceptable penis health, and absolutely is an asset if a man is with a accomplice who is appropriately in the affection for animal bonding. Naturally, a lot of such bonding adventures appear on dry land, but sometimes a brace can be in the affection for a little baptize activity instead. Taking that glace attempt can accomplish for an agitative animal experience, but it absolutely requires some alertness and caution.


It’s best to analyze that, for the purposes of this article, water-based sex is apropos to coupling that takes abode in a adulterated ambience such as a pool, the ocean or a bathtub. It doesn’t accredit to the “water sports” amphitheatre of sex, in which animal play involves urination on or by one or both ally (although absolutely some humans may accept to absorb such baptize sports into their water-based sex if they so desire).


- Still use lube. Okay, if a guy’s arrect penis is traveling to be abysmal in water, why should he (or his partner) charge to use lubricant? Because that connected baptize activity may in fact bankrupt the physique of its accustomed lubricating oils. In addition, seawater may accommodate lots of sand, which can add “grit” to the abrasion in an blackballed way. So use a silicone-based adipose to accumulate things sliding and gliding smoothly.

- And a condom. Pregnancies and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) can action just as calmly in baptize as on dry land, so don’t skimp on adapted protections. In addition, putting a condom on afore entering seawater helps accumulate some of the alkali and beach from adhering to aerial penis skin.

- Be accessible to stand. In a lot of cases, accepting sex in the baptize precludes basal missionary and active appearance positions. Some anatomy of continuing position is usually required. Couples who do not already use a continuing position may wish to investigate some of these on dry acreage in beforehand of aggravating them out in the pool, lake, etc. (Of course, some couples may opt not for action but for articulate sex or alternate masturbation, both of which may be added accustomed to them in a continuing mode.)

- Accede aqua shoes. Since abounding water-based sex positions plan bigger if the brace is standing, the man may wish to accede cutting some anatomy of cossack (such as aqua shoes). This is abnormally recommended for sex in the shower, as tubs can be acutely slippery, but even in a pool, basin or ocean, it’s acceptable to accept a little added “grip” – abnormally as acute sex while continuing up can get adequately acrobatic.

- Be private. Sex in the battery is not a problem, but sex in a pool, ocean, etc. can be problematic. If the basin is in a guy’s own walled-in backyard, fine. But unless the river, lagoon, ocean, etc. that he picks is absolutely abandoned and cautiously abroad from prying eyes, a brace risks arrest for accepting sex in such a place. Bigger to be safe than sorry.

- Be careful. Sex in a baptize area can be aesthetic and agitative – but can could cause injury. Couples should be abiding that they are accessible for the acquaintance and yield assurance precautions afore attempting.

Whether accepting sex in baptize or on dry land, an arrect penis is bigger able for optimal animal amusement if it is in acceptable bloom – and application a top drawer penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin) can advice advance to that goal. Absolutely use a crème with both Shea adulate (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (a accustomed hydrator), so it can furnish any absent or beneath moisturizing oils. The best crème aswell will cover a able antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, which can action chargeless radicals that contrarily advance to exceptionable oxidative accident to the penis skin.

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Losing Length? How to Prevent a Short, Small Penis

Men absorb a abundant accord of time cerebration about the admeasurement and breadth of their penis. Even a man who is well-endowed generally has the activity that he has, in fact, a baby penis. Because of this, men are consistently searching for agency to advance the breadth and ambit of their member. However, some men face the amazing and abominable botheration of acquainted their penis acceptable abate with time. Even if they footfall up their acceptable penis affliction regimen, annihilation absolutely seems to plan – and so they activate to panic.

The could could cause abaft that abrupt abate penis admeasurement is Peyronie’s disease. The acceptable account is that it is avoidable! Here’s what a man needs to apperceive about this decidedly accepted issue.

What is Peyronie’s disease?

When a man suffers some array of agony to the penis, the aftereffect is generally a accretion of blister tissue breadth the abrasion took place. This is absolutely normal; it’s the body’s way of healing itself. But if it happens in the penis, it can could could cause problems. That’s because the penis is meant to be elastic, able to amplitude impressively if engorged with blood. If there is blister tissue breadth that adaptable tissue is declared to be, that breadth doesn’t stretch. The aftereffect is a penis that aeroembolism or curves. This is generally referred to as Peyronie’s disease.

Though some bulk of curvature is altogether accustomed – in fact, it’s a attenuate man who has a altogether beeline penis! – a actual arresting ambit or angle ability advance to added problems later, such as affliction during action or even affliction during erections. And even if a man doesn’t ache that pain, he ability apprehension that the adjustment of the blister tissue makes his penis enlarge a little bit beneath than it acclimated to. A guy can in fact lose up to an inch of breadth acknowledgment to the blister tissue buildup.

But what if there hasn’t been any agony to the penis? This is what confuses abounding guys about the situation. Admitting it’s simple to anticipate of ‘trauma’ as something that happens suddenly, involves a lot of affliction and blood, and takes a abundant accord of time to alleviate from, that’s not usually what causes Peyronie’s ache (though it absolutely can!).

What in fact happens is that the penis endures tiny tears and irritations over a continued aeon of time. This can appear over several sessions of asperous sex or masturbation, from a man masturbating in a assertive position all the time, or from even application the aforementioned animal techniques over and over if he’s in bed with a partner. Those tiny tears ability be actual slight, arch alone to anguish from time to time. But anniversary one leaves their mark in the anatomy of tiny $.25 of blister tissue. Over time, that tissue can body up.

What can be done about a baby penis?

The best way to abstain the botheration with baby penis admeasurement is to abstain agony in the aboriginal place. This agency capricious the masturbation routine, alteration up the animal habits from time to time and demography affliction not to accept a sore, affronted penis.

And if the penis does become abscessed and irritated, amusement it anon with a high-quality penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin). Attending accurately for a crème that contains vitamin C, which is abundant for collagen production, as able-bodied as vitamin B5, which is abundant for aliment of advantageous tissue. Shea adulate and vitamin E, a one-two bite of hydration, can aswell advice accumulate the penis derma bland and supple, appropriately allowance it aggrandize as abundant as it should. Finally, attending for a crème with alpha-lipoic acid, which helps the derma abide the rigors of aging.

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